11 Celebrities Over 60 Share Their Hot Bod Secrets

Either there’s an actual fountain of youth nestled somewhere deep in the Hollywood Hills or these celebs who are 60 and up are seriously committed to health and fitness. (Spoiler alert: It’s the latter.) From Helen Mirren’s 12-minute workout to J.K. Simmons’ chocolate-inclusive, protein-rich diet, here’s how 11 famous sexagenarians got — and stayed — in better shape than most 20-year-olds. Whatever they’re having, we’ll take two!
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1 Ruth Bader Ginsburg

At 85, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg can still throw down in the gym. And as “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert discovered while joining her for a workout in Washington, D.C., the Notorious RBG does not mess around.

1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The lowdown? After RBG’s trainer Bryant Johnson walked them through a few stretches and mobility exercises, the pair launched into some treadmill work. Then it was all about back and arm gains, with standing resistance-band rows, lat (short for latissimus dorsi) pull-downs, dumbbell exercises and planks modified with leg lifts. For the grand finale, the Supreme finished off with push-ups. To get pumped up for such intense workouts, the internet’s favorite Justice blasts opera music. Well, there you have it!

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2 Goldie Hawn

She may be 72, but let’s be honest: Goldie Hawn looks more like Kate Hudson’s sister than her mother. The reason? Hawn swears it’s green juice (and lots of it), starting off her days with kale, parsley and green pepper concoctions. “Mom’s been drinking green juice forever,” Hudson once told Allure.

2. Goldie Hawn

And in addition to drinking her greens, Hawn is sure to eat them every day as well. Lunch typically is a green salad with broccolini, while dinner consists of green watercress soup, green beans and fish, Hawn told Self. Of course, the secret to Hawn’s impressive physique isn’t only about what Hawn puts in her body, it’s about how she utilizes it. “I’m a dancer, so I can’t stop moving,” she told People in 2017. And rarely does a day go by for the actress where she doesn’t fit in time for meditation and mindfulness.