Paris Hilton

They might not have been so vocal about their relationship, but it was clear that Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton had something going on in 2009. The soccer player had recently moved to Real Madrid and Hilton had just got out of her relationship with Doug Reinhardt. The stars seemed to align between the two, and they were spotted at many parties in both Spain and the US. Nevertheless, it wasn’t meant to last between the two and they moved onto other people pretty swiftly.

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Jasmine Lennard

One woman who gave a first-hand account of her experiences with Cristiano Ronaldo was British reality star/model Jasmine Lennard, who claimed to “use him as a TOY.” and calling him a “multi-millionaire metrosexual mama’s boy.” Lennard gave a detailed account for The Mirror about the time that she met the soccer player and was given a rollercoaster insight into his average night out, full of money and partying. According to Lennard, she played hard to get and Ronaldo was desperately trying to get her attention through a torrent of texts.