Gemma Atkinson

It seems like 2007/2008 was a particularly eventful time for Cristiano Ronaldo, both on and off the pitch. Another lady who was romantically linked with the Portuguese forward was British celebrity Gemma Atkinson, who has developed a reputation as a lingerie model. According to Atkinson, their first date was pretty understated, to say the least. “We just went to my house and drank cups of tea and watched Only Fools and Horses. Genuinely.” Nevertheless, their relationship was pretty short-lived.

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Merche Romero

What separates Merche Romero from many of Cristiano Ronaldo’s other past relationships was how long she was with him. Romero, who is a Portuguese model and has also worked on TV, dated Ronaldo for a considerable amount of time – between January 2005 and September 2006, to be exact. This means that she is one of Ronaldo’s longest-lasting relationships. They were together while Ronaldo was tearing up British defences for Manchester United. Unfortunately, Romero wasn’t by Ronaldo’s side when he won his first Champions League title.

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