18 Famous People Who Believe in Astrology

  1. Nancy Reagan

The former First Lady Nancy Reagan is one of the most high profile women in the world to have admitted to using an astrologer. Apparently Nancy used an astrologer for years, but she really got into astrology after the failed assassination attempt on her husband Ronald Reagan. Nancy used the services of famous astrologer Joan Quigley to guide her and her husband through their lives and keep them safe, even when many conservatives in the United States didn’t like it thanks to their strong Christian beliefs.

  1. Shirley Maclaine

Actress Shirley Maclaine is a down-to-earth Taurus and she loves astrology so much that she even has a whole section all about it on her official website. Shirley also regularly consults with famous astrologers and her two go-to guides are Sandra Helton and Clarisa Bernhardt. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s written several books about spiritual endeavors and regularly talks about her love of all things written in the stars.