18 Famous People Who Believe in Astrology

  1. Anna Nicole Smith

Former Playboy model and tragic reality show star Anna Nicole Smith died years before her time, but did she predict her own demise? On one episode of her television series The Anna Nicole Smith Show, Anna consulted with an astrology who also acted as a relationship advisor and she often talked about being able to see ghosts and other apparitions. As far as we know, Anna Nicole was a great believer in astrologer right up until her death.

  1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a double-headed Gemini and sources say that she is a big fan of Buddhist astrology. This love of Eastern astrology probably comes from her globe-trotting travels and sources close to her say that she uses the placement of the planets to plan auspicious days to schedule key moments in her life. It is even said that Angelina prefers her films to come out on days that coincide with favorable astrological predictions. Perhaps her astrologer was off sick when The Tourist dropped!