18 Famous People Who Believe in Astrology

  1. Theodore Roosevelt

Former President Theodore Roosevelt himself was actually a great follower of the stars! How do we know? Well, he was so committed to the movements of the planets that he had his horoscope on display the Oval Office. It is also said that he was particularly interested in the tricky opposition of this Seventh House Moon with his First House Mars and made sure to always keep an eye on the astrological weather.

  1. Khloe Kardashian

The youngest daughter in the Kardashian clan (and many say the funniest) is Khloe Kardashian who was born under the sign of Cancer the Crab. Cancerians are said to be some of the most nurturing people on the planet, although it can take a while for them to let their guard down. Khloe has spoken openly about her desire to have children, and as a Cancer she will make an excellent mother figure. This bubbly starlet wrote about astrology on her website in 2008 so we know she takes a keen interest in the stars.