24 Retailers Who Are Set to Close Thousands of Stores in 2018

4. Subway

HDR image, Subway sandwich restaurant shop located inside Walmart retail store - Peabody, Massachusetts USA - February 12, 2018

The Subway chain of sandwich shops is slimming down. After closing more than 900 stores last year, the company says it wants to shut down around 500 more of its U.S. locations in 2018. Subway is still massive, with more than 44,000 stores around the world, including nearly 26,000 in the U.S. But its business is in a pickle from competitors, including supermarket sandwich counters.


3. Ann Taylor and her sisters

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, JULY 22, 2017: Ann Taylor Loft Retail Store

The company behind Ann Taylor, Loft, Dressbarn and other clothing chains for women plans to close as many as 547 more stores by 2019. That’s on top of at least 120 that Ascena Retail Group shut down in 2017. Falling sales and astronomical commercial rents have been big problems for the retailer.