Famous Lesbian Athletes

Seimone Augustus

“I knew I was gay by the time I reached middle school. I’ve never been attracted to guys. I can appreciate their beauty, but it comes without desire. I’ve always had a more intimate connection with women. In high school, I kissed a girl for the first time. It felt too comfortable and too right to think I was anyone but whom I was in that moment. I’ve followed that honesty my whole life.”

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Caitlin Cahow

Caitlin is an American ice hockey defenseman who won a silver medal with the women’s national team at the 2010 Winter Olympics. She first took to the ice as a figure skater but became enamored with hockey and began competing in leagues with boys at a young age.

“For me, [coming out] really wasn’t a question,” she said. “I knew when my hockey career was done… that I could be doing more for people out there. … It was in part motivated by some of the Russian LGBT policies that were becoming worldwide, and in part, it was because I speak with a lot of young athletes all the time and I want to be honest with them.”