40 Reasons why Jennifer Lawrence is the bomb!

Jennifer Lawrence is not only an Oscar-winning actress: she is beautiful, hilarious, and down to earth. One could say she’s the next Big Star of our time. Success has been part of her career as an actress, but it was not that easy to obtain. Check this collection of overly-sexy pictures she surely wants to be forgotten, while we tell you some interesting facts about her.


Beautiful and smart!

Jennifer is of English, German, Irish, and Scottish descent. Not only she is really beautiful, but she is also really smart: she graduated from high school two years early in order to begin acting. She finished with a 3.9 gpa.

Too pretty for lead role in Winters Boneso?

Lawrence was originally turned down for the lead role of Ree in Winters Boneso for being “too pretty”. Fortunately, she landed the role… and she earned her first Academy Award nomination for that role.